chase your demons
till you cant see them
i think i can see them on the horizon
what other guy's gonna love you baby?
love your mother
love your father
they gave you a bed and some toys to play with
taught you to never play with matches

silently sobbing on the bathroom floor
hugging the toilet
"policia! policia"
they dont know you
they dont have to
i dont know if ill come to see you
nobody out here would want to be you
I've stopped writing
we've stopped fighting

and one day youll catch me for a cigarette
we'll be standing on the sidewalk
12 o clock i bet
you'll say i should miss you
your friends at school dont miss you
finally a story that can end with a sigh
and not me looking at ya hangin off of some other guy
"can i come over?"
"oh maybe"

and im only showering
cuz i got nothin to do
i havent felt clean
in a month or two


from Institute of Living, released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Two Humans Hartford, Connecticut

more fun than led zeppelin, less fun than van halen

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