Institute of Living

by Two Humans

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Peter Schaffner
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Peter Schaffner easily one of the best albums of all time. buy it. give them money. they deserve it. Favorite track: Bruce Museum.
xingbee thumbnail
xingbee Thank you for this music. Two Humans is what was good about Modest Mouse. Fave track: Beaux. Ps fans of two humans should check out Mumblr's White Jesus EP Favorite track: Beaux.
Joe Peluso
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Joe Peluso One of my all time favorite LP's. Consistently great from song to song in such a seamless manner. Two Humans bring you on a series of highs and lows that you will find yourself singing along to for weeks, months, and years to come. Favorite track: Institute of Living.
Gary Scaramella
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Gary Scaramella two humans was the best band to ever come out of CT. RIP in peace. Favorite track: Body.
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released April 20, 2014

Two Humans is John Rule III, Lucas Borgstedt, and Kevin O'Donnell.

All songs written by John Rule III.

Produced & mixed by Kevin O'Donnell.

Engineered by Kevin O'Donnell, Craig Mills and Cameron Boucher.



all rights reserved


Two Humans Hartford, Connecticut

more fun than led zeppelin, less fun than van halen

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Track Name: Head
i have a body
it's fucking useless
because i have no soul
because i have no soul

and you are a birdie
you're mind is useless
you fly south from the cold
you fly south from the cold

i have a body and you have a body
that i wanna hold
that i wanna know
Track Name: Body
chase your demons
till you cant see them
i think i can see them on the horizon
what other guy's gonna love you baby?
love your mother
love your father
they gave you a bed and some toys to play with
taught you to never play with matches

silently sobbing on the bathroom floor
hugging the toilet
"policia! policia"
they dont know you
they dont have to
i dont know if ill come to see you
nobody out here would want to be you
I've stopped writing
we've stopped fighting

and one day youll catch me for a cigarette
we'll be standing on the sidewalk
12 o clock i bet
you'll say i should miss you
your friends at school dont miss you
finally a story that can end with a sigh
and not me looking at ya hangin off of some other guy
"can i come over?"
"oh maybe"

and im only showering
cuz i got nothin to do
i havent felt clean
in a month or two
Track Name: Beaux
And when the speed it hits me
I finally feel at home
till I'm going gone.

And when you say you want me
you tell me I'm your beaux.
I'll just roll over cause I'd probably rather
be sleeping, baby.
Cause you drive me crazy.

You interrupt my concentration.
I like it.
We built a lie on this foundation.
I hate it.

And now I'm gonna count to three
and you're gonna look at me
and we're gonna say goodbye
for the very last time.

And I'll say,
"I wish we could go back to a time and place
where we would never meet".
And you'll say,
"I wonder how your shit-eating grin
looks when you have no fucking teeth".

So J be nice when you finally see her.
What a sub-par use of my shit demeanor.
What a complicated way to say,
"I care".
Track Name: Gut
i'm only showering
cuz i got nothin to do
i havent felt clean
in a month or two
so if you want to we can see this through
i know youve had doubts for a month or two
i just might believe
that i have been deceived
Track Name: Bruce Museum
i heard your heart break from a second story window
the sound was music to my ears
there are things about that you claim to know
but you dont know where i hide my fears

so be free
be sad
go tell your best friends that they make you fuckin mad
and all the time im feelin lonely i know that you feel lonely too

dont make
me confess
to the pictures of you i hide in my dresser
its nothing scandalous
just us having a dance
cup of coffee
"man i say too much"
glass of whiskey
"now i fucked it up"
when did we decide
that we could not collide?

in the summer of 2013
im gonna show you what it means

to be free
to be sad
i told my best friends
"man you make me fucking mad"
and all the time im feeling lonely
i know that you feel lonely too

and all the time im feeling lonely
just know that is because of you

i will radiate alive
only to die
the backseat of my mind
is where we will lie
Track Name: The Last March
last march
i woke up drunk and hit the road with my family
machine gun wolf and me
that week
you called me up and said
"im not who im supposed to be"
and thats just fine with me

ill spend my summer
trying to love you out of house and home
and ill spend my winter
watching rust collect
on this pile of once white bones

baby lay your head on my chest
im sorry that im such a mess
its just ive been drinking since i woke up
and thought of you
i had a dream that i crashed my car
and about a new girl i adore
and yeah
shes got a little of me
and a little of you

ive met new ones
they dont like me much

im too tall
im awkward
im too tall
too fuckin awkward
Track Name: Spine
locked up all my memories
i guess im still hung up
about what could likely be
the current state of us
and our love
a love so sweet it makes me sick
so sick that i throw up

could you dog ear my prologue
and put me on a shelf?
replace me with poetry
thats sung by someone else

please put me with comedy
i like laughing and smiling

i deserve more than just
a dusty spot next to kerouac
theres one thing that
you may not get
is that i am never coming back
Track Name: Iron Things
Rusty pile of iron things.
My hat hair falling in my face.

Another missed phone call.
I can almost hear your voice so guttural.
So claustrophobic.
The room feels small.
And in the morning I know you'll call
and say, "Honey isn't it a little early
to be drinking wine?"
"These days I do all I can to pass the time".
So with every broken bottle
and with every mistake I will make
I'll leave a million broken hearts here in my wake.
Track Name: Institute of Living
well i guess its just semantics after all
thats tearing us apart,
that invades my head and heart.
that makes me say and do things that i dont really want to.

your perfect new york drawl (xo)
you're always dressed up for the fall (xo)
you match my lack of courage with too much alcohol (xo)

you say you've got some knowledge to give.
i say "i dont even know where you live
or where you're from
or where you'd like to see yourself end up"
you'll say that
"i was born between new york and boston
a hospital not far from the corner of washington street"

go smoke your 100 packs a day
so when you end up back you can say
you "just wanted to see the place you were born"
Track Name: Kiss The Cook
You just want whats best for us
but us isn't "us"
remember we went belly up?
Sometimes enough is just enough.

Heard your new guys using.
Misuse, abuse, a little bit of boozing:
a recipe to make you kiss the cook.

I could write my lonely tune
but I can't write a song for you
because happiness is much to hard to sing.
So I'll just sit here trapped alone
don't call or text my telephone.
The less I know the less I feel the pain.

I love my married mother,
my three sisters, two baby brothers.
The best love of my life is truly free.

Whatever you think I'm missing
you're wrong as rain, yeah I've been lifted
up from the ground, no longer a spirit,
I no longer say things when I don't mean it.
Track Name: Free Refills
You said my footsteps sound different.
You heard me coming home last night.
You wanted to talk about something
and I just wanted to fight.

You said that I need a haircut.
And I said that you could use a shave.
We haven't been talking lately
but which one will be the first to cave?
And I got a letter from mommy.
She said, "Jason it is time you grew up".
But I won't.
I'm still drinking at the Hotel Lobby
and writing that I don't give a fuck.

You said my footsteps sound awful
as I trudged my way to the top of the stairs.
Your Hallmark apology's not thoughtful.
It just shows that you came unprepared.
You came unprepared.

And I got a letter from Mommy.
She said, "Jason it is time you grew up".
Track Name: Homestead
A worn out rusty iron hide;
it was a perfect shade of white.
And now the weather gets it.
I shrug my shoulders cause I don't really mind.
And in the morning when you wake up
you'll feel different but just on the inside.

I'm halfway to homestead.
And I hope to see you there.
I might drown in my own self-confidence.
I don't want to die like this.

And, no, I won't behave.
I will not feel the same as I used to.
That person you knew,
no he hasn't gone away.
He just chose not to stay.

A, B, C and 1, 2, 3,
Oh my darling just listen to reason please.
I don't know what has happened to me.
Could have been all the fights
could have been all the

The only one who cares.
The only one who's there.
She'll hold your hair back when you get upset.

Darling, come here quick.
My bottle's made me sick,
Put me in a deep dark pit
I'll never leave.

I'm halfway to homestead
and I'm glad I found you there.
I won't drown in my own self-confidence
I don't want to die like this.